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To further your research, AuthenWare© recommends the following third-party articles and academic reports about keystroke biometrics, emerging security technologies, useful tips and techniques, and other thought-leadership commentary.

Study: Frequent password changes are useless


Users hate them. They're a massive headache to network administrators. But IT departments often mandate them nonetheless: regularly scheduled password changes — part of a policy intended to increase computer security.


Now new research proves what you've probably...

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If Your Password Is 123456, Just Make It HackMe

Back at the dawn of the Web, the most popular account password was "12345."


Today, it's one digit longer but hardly safer: "123456."


Despite all the reports of Internet security breaches over the years, including the recent attacks on Google's e-mail ...

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Senate stalls cyber commander to probe digital war

WASHINGTON – When hackers a continent away attack a military computer system,using computers belonging to unsuspecting private citizens or businesses as cover, what are the rules when the U.S. fights back?

As U.S. officials struggle...

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11 Percent of PCs Still Unpatched Against Conficker

Summary:  More than one in 10 computer users have not installed Microsoft's MS08-067 patch to guard against the highly-publicized worm.  The patch has been available since last October and security experts had hoped that after the hype individuals would have taken action...

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Hackers Grab More than 285M Records in 2008

Summary: Hackers obtained more personal profiles in 2008 than in the previous four years-combined.  The Verizon Wireless study found that approximately 90 percent of cases could have been avoided with basic security measures.   In corporate cases, many hackers entered...

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Lawmakers Plan Cybersecurity Agendas

Summary: Chairman Joseph Lieberman (I-CT) and Ranking Member Susan Collins (R-ME) of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee are planning to hold a hearing later this month to analyze the 60-day cybersecurity review that President Obama ordered top advisor...

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Phishing Attacks Surge Amid Recession

Dutko Summary:  An April 14 report from Gartner reported more than 5 million U.S. consumers lost money to phishing from September 2007-September 2008-a 39.8 percent increase from the previous year.  Researchers believe this is caused by a social trend that places more trust...

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Twitter All Clear after Worm Wave

Dutko Summary: Social networking giant, Twitter, has been determined to be "all clear" after a worm infected tens of thousands of users.  According to Twitter, no user information was compromised.  The social network's executives explained that "Even if you were infected,...

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A Penny for Your Thoughts and Credit Card

Dutko Summary: While most aspects of today's economy seem volatile, the balance of supply and demand for stolen credit card, social security and other identification numbers stay in balance and market prices remain steady.  Today, a credit card number can be bought for ...

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Pink slips and data theft

Dutko Summary: Today's downward economic trends have created significant changes in corporations.  Most notably, laid-off employees have become the corporate world's most significant threat to data security.   Many experts purport that once an employee receives notice...

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Security suffers in small firms when money’s tight

Dutko Summary:  A recent survey by GFI (a software security company) found that 37 percent of small and medium-sized businesses see security as a minimal investment and even one that can be cut altogether.  Additionally, 78 percent of respondents identified external sources...

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The Senate's Cyber Lightning Rod

A new Senate bill introduces sweeping cybersecurity regulations--and a wave of angry protests.


If the Bush administration's $30 billion classified cyber defense initiative last year seemed controversial, prepare for a new round of battles over security, privacy...

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Beijing rejects China spy ring report as 'lies'

China on Tuesday denied a research report's contention that a China-based computer spy ring stole sensitive information from thousands of hard drives worldwide, calling the accusation a lie meant to feed anxiety over Beijing's growing influence.


In the government's first reaction...

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The Washington Post

Key lawmakers are pushing to dramatically escalate U.S. defenses against cyberattacks, crafting proposals that would empower the government to set and enforce security standards for private industry for the first time.


The proposals, in Senate legislation that could be introduced...

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Computer Experts Brace for Conficker Worm

A malicious software program that has infected millions of computers could enter a more menacing phase on Wednesday, from an outright attack to a quiet mutation that would further its spread.


Computer security experts who have analyzed the Conficker worm's code say it is designed...

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'Smart Grid' may be vulnerable to hackers

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Is it really so smart to forge ahead with the high technology, digitally based electricity distribution and transmission system known as the "Smart Grid"? Tests have shown that a hacker can break into the system, and cybersecurity experts said a massive blackout...

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The Recession Is Sending Rates of Friendly Fraud Up, Processors Say

(January 28, 2009) With the recession throwing more and more people out of work by the day, payments processors are reporting that their merchants are experiencing sharp increases in e-commerce chargebacks stemming from so-called friendly fraud. This is the fraud that results when...

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Identity Theft and the Security Firm Forecasts

Washington, D.C. (AHN) - An identity theft security firm made up of former federal agents forecasts a rise in identity theft cases. In 2006 $56.6 billion worth of identity theft types of fraud were recorded.


iSekurity president Reginald Ball, in an exclusive interview with AHN...

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Identity theft tops security fears

Identity theft is the nation's greatest safety fear, according to a survey.


It was named as the top concern by 43% of adults in the research from American Express Insurance Services, knocking yob culture into second place with 41%.



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