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A Penny for Your Thoughts and Credit Card

Dutko Summary: While most aspects of today's economy seem volatile, the balance of supply and demand for stolen credit card, social security and other identification numbers stay in balance and market prices remain steady.  Today, a credit card number can be bought for just 6 cents (if you buy 10,000+ at a time); for smaller orders, the price can augment to $30 per card.  Access to hijacked email accounts can go anywhere from 10 cents to $100 while bank account credentials can be priced at $10 to $1,000.  While raised information standards (i.e. needing information from the front and back of a credit card) make it more difficult to steal, identity thieves are becoming embedded in everyday life.  For instance, Internet-users saw a 66 percent increase in the number of phishing sites in 2008.

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