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New FTC Health Rule Demands a Prescriptive Security Solution, Authenwareâ„¢ Chief Says

E-health vulnerabilities minimized with keystroke dynamic software


MIAMI - Following the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) ruling last week requiring notification to the public of any computer system breaches, Authenware president Tom Helou today stated the new regulation calls for a more prescriptive solution that curtails the activities of hackers directly to help drive down costs and increase efficiency in the health care delivery system.  Under the FTC ruling, e-health providers must notify consumers if a system's security is violated and personal information exposed. 


"Cost control, quality, and efficiency in health care have reached a pinnacle point of debate," said Tom Helou, President of Authenware.  "Access and affordability are often compromised in the name of security.  Today, health databases simply protected with usernames and passwords commonly fall victim to malicious hackers.  However, by securing electronic health applications with behavioral turnkeys, the need for breach notifications can be reduced and e-health initiatives can be implemented safely and effectively.  Authenware applauds Congress and the FTC for encouraging consumer confidence in electronic health through the promotion of security accountability."


The FTC issued the breach notification ruling last week in response to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act's HITECH Act provision, passed in February 2009.  AuthenWare Technology, the company's flagship software, is designed to minimize the liability of such breaches by only allowing application access if the typist's behavioral pattern matches the authentic user's registered keystroke history.


"Authenware is proud to offer a product that can improve the nation's health care delivery system," said Andre De Castro, Vice President of Pre-Sales and Professional Services at Authenware.  "All too often, privacy concerns limit the application of efficient innovation.  Our team continually works to market a solution that is proven to protect the confidentiality of sensitive consumer data."


About Authenware

Headquartered in Miami, Authenware is a leading innovator and producer of keystroke biometrics software.  Its identity authentication product, AuthenWare Technology, recognizes valid users by calculating the unique rhythm and beat with which the typist keys in data (i.e. their username and password) on their computer keyboard.  AuthenWare Technology evaluates this information along with behavioral and environmental characteristics to keep hackers out and let authorized personnel in.  The company services customers that span across international borders and business sectors, effectively providing security to industries such as financial services, government, transportation and logistics, manufacturing, and retail. 


For more information, please visit our website at www.authenware.com.  


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