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Press Releases

Biometric Security Leader Expands Global Reach to France

Software distributor and consultant JVL partners with Authenware for cybersecurity


MIAMI, FL - Authenware™ today announced their proprietary keystroke biometric software, AuthenWare Technology, will be distributed by JVL in France and other French-speaking countries.  JVL provides IT consultation and data-security products to major companies throughout Europe, and now will resell AuthenWare Technology as part of its broader online security solution. 


"We are honored to begin work with JVL and excited to offer their clients a sophisticated solution to the cybersecurity issue," said Tom Helou, President of Authenware.  "Today's communication infrastructure dissolves geographic borders like never before, making the Internet's security an international affair.  We are privileged to provide French industries with Authenware's highly-advanced software to protect their networks and expand cybersecurity measures across the world."


The JVL partnership rounds out Authenware's European expansion efforts by offering sales and support coverage focused on helping companies rapidly and cost-effectively address the growing need for cybersecurity. Under the agreement, JVL will distribute Authenware's product to clients in France and other French-speaking European countries.  The software acts as a second-factor authentication capability, detecting if a login is being attempted by the rightful user based upon the particular ‘way' that person types, rather than ‘what' the person types. Employing a highly sophisticated algorithm as the foundation, AuthenWare Technology monitors a series of 8 - 10 logins to develop a unique personal biometric pattern for the user. 


"Based on its excellent reputation throughout the globe, JVL is confident in its decision to offer AuthenWare Technology as an effective layer of online protection," said Patrick Jullien, JVL's CEO.  "The impact of data breaches and online information theft on businesses continually grows as online criminals become more sophisticated and technology advances into an essential component of our professional lives.  We look forward to developing this relationship with Authenware and providing our clients with technologies like this that meet and exceed our customer's expectations."


About JVL

Established in 1993, JVL is an expert in computer infrastructure. We provide our customers with consulting and best of breed data protecting security products.  Our strength is specifically building a relationship-based, quality of service focused approach towards ensuring our customer's success.  We supply and implement important products that exceed our customer expectations. For more information, please visit www.jvl.fr.


About Authenware

Headquartered in Miami, Authenware is a leading innovator of keystroke biometrics software.  Its identity authentication product, AuthenWare Technology, recognizes valid users by calculating the unique rhythm and beat with which the typist keys in data (i.e. their username and password) on their computer keyboard.  AuthenWare Technology evaluates this information along with behavioral and environmental characteristics to keep hackers out and let authorized personnel in.  The company provides its security product and services to customers spanning international borders and business sectors, across a wide variety of industries such as financial services, government, transportation and logistics, manufacturing, and retail.


For more information or to request a demo, please visit our website at www.authenware.com.

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