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Press Releases

AuthenWare is about to Revolutionize Security in the Cloud


"One secure single set of credentials for all of your websites and files"


Miami, FL - August 1, 2012 - AuthenWare® ,  the leading vendor of Behavioral Biometrics and Strong Second Factor Authentication for the Enterprise, is in the final development stages of a revolutionary new product geared toward Consumers and Enterprise: MyAuthenWare TM.


MyAuthenWare  is an end-user, Cloud-based and biometrically-secured Authentication Portal that allows every registered Consumer to remember only a single set of credentials to Log In to all of their websites. Consumers will also be able to securely store private files and notes.


The product uniquely identifies and authenticates valid users by measuring the distinct rhythm and cadence of an individual's personal typing pattern in combination with user-specific behavioral and environmental characteristics.


MyAuthenWare will deliver a high level of convenience to users for logging in to different sites, as they will be able to get to all sites through the Authentication Portal with a single set of credentials (UserID and Password), but also with high security since the product is behavioral-biometrics based.


In February, Gartner Group, the world's leading information technology research and advisory company released its "Magic Quadrant for User Authentication" Report, where AuthenWare was notably mentioned by analyst Ant Allen who said: "... the AuthenWare Technology product is differentiated by being simple to implement, scalable and robust, as well as providing a good user experience. Many Gartner Customers report they have a positive view of AuthenWare".


AuthenWare has been focused on adding increased security to Enterprises, but that's not enough for tackling Cybercrime. "We are very excited about this new offering. Now we can bring security that is convenient and easy to use to end users in order to close the gigantic gap between Enterprise Security and Consumer Security." said Felix Racca, CEO of AuthenWare.


About AuthenWare

AuthenWare Corporation is a leading cybersecurity software provider focused on fighting identity theft. The Company's innovative, tokenless authentication system delivers strong security through a combination of keystroke dynamics, behavioral and environmental characteristics to authenticate users and minimize identity theft, web fraud and other system vulnerabilities. The AuthenWare solution creates a unique personal security pattern that recognizes authorized users while keeping hackers out.


AuthenWare is headquartered in Miami, FL. For more information, visit www.authenware.com.


AuthenWare is a registered trademark of AuthenWare Corporation. All other company/product names and service marks may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.



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