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Press Releases

AuthenWare Announces Latest Innovations to Authentication Security Suite


Leading Cybersecurity Software Provider announces new release with "Intelligent Device Detection".


Miami, FL - Sept 15, 2011 - AuthenWare® today unveiled the updated edition of their flagship second- factor security software. AuthenWare 2.0 uniquely identifies and authenticates valid users by measuring the distinct rhythm and cadence of an individual's personal typing pattern in combination with user-specific behavioral and environmental characteristics.  To make online authentication and validation easy, cost- effective and reliable, the product can be deployed as an internal or web-based application, as well as embedded within third-party applications and systems.


"Cyberspace is a constantly evolving environment," said  Felix Racca, founder and CTO of AuthenWare. "As we gain experience through real use cases, we add security and functionality to our products that ensure user satisfaction, the integrity of the Internet, and the security of digital identities.  Today we are proud to announce that our flagship product is now able to distinguish the device type from which it is being invoked.  When introducing AuthenWare 2.0, our team set out with a single goal: to improve the way users are authenticated, ensuring imposters masquerading as the valid user are unable to access private or corporate information. Our technology not only automatically detects and prevents fraudulent authentication attempts, but with the enhancements in this version that incorporate intelligent device type detection capabilities, it has become more user friendly and accurate than ever before, as it renders stolen credentials useless for any of the supported device types."


Intelligent Device Type Detection

      AuthenWare 2.0 expands its browser-based authentication support of desktop and notebook computers to mobile devices, including selected smart phones and tablets (such as iPhone and iPad), by intelligently distinguishing from what device type the user is logging in. This allows the user to opt between a quick training or a natural training of the pattern when a new device is detected, whereas in the previous version only quick training was available. Besides adding flexibility to the user, this new feature improves the accuracy of the algorithm, given that it now knows that it should compare the signature to only those patterns associated with a given device type.


Impact on User Experience

      AuthenWare 2.0, through the Intelligent Device Type Detection feature, allows users to naturally log in from different devices without having to answer the question "Are you typing from a new device?" when the system detects major differences between stored patterns and the current signature. This is due to the fact that Intelligent Device Type Detection answers that question for the user, and knowing that the user will surely type differently on different device types, it automatically assumes that a new pattern should be trained. The user or the authentication management rules can decide whether this training is done naturally (using successive "real" logins) or the through quick training in one session. Furthermore, this feature enhances security because AuthenWare now assigns patterns to device types, and compares a signature only to those patterns that have been assigned to a given device type. The only case in which there should be more than one pattern assigned to any device type is when the user knowingly shares credentials with a colleague or family member. Based on this, AuthenWare can now easily inform the user who logged in from what device type using a given set of credentials.



      In this new release, AuthenWare introduces a major enhancement that has been suggested by many of our customers. "We are happy to be able to release one more of the many features suggested to us by our user base said Tom Helou, AuthenWare COO.  The reception of our customers to this new feature has been fantastic, which proves once again that our customer-centric strategy is the right way to go.  In addition to satisfying customer needs, making the user's experience easier than ever before, it also improves the overall accuracy and reliability of the system".






About AuthenWare

AuthenWare® Corporation is a leading cybersecurity software provider focused on fighting identity theft. The Company's innovative, tokenless authentication system delivers strong security through a combination of keystroke dynamics, behavioral and environmental characteristics to minimize identity theft, web fraud and other system vulnerabilities. The AuthenWare solution creates a unique personal security pattern that recognizes authorized users while keeping hackers out.

AuthenWare is headquartered in Miami, FL, with offices around the world. Tens of millions of people use the company's products every day in a variety of industries, including financial services, government, healthcare, telecommunications and online retailers. For more information, visit www.authenware.com.

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