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AuthenWare Announces Latest Innovations to Authentication Security Suite


Leading Second-Factor Authentication Vendor Unveils AuthenWare Version 2.0 Software


Miami, FL - June 21, 2010 - AuthenWareTM today unveiled the updated edition of their flagship second-factor security software. AuthenWare 2.0 uniquely identifies and authenticates valid users by measuring the distinct rhythm and cadence of an individual's personal typing pattern in combination with user-specific behavioral and environmental characteristics.  To make online authentication and validation easy, cost-effective and reliable, the product can be deployed as an internal or web-based application, as well as embedded within third-party applications and systems.


"Cyberspace is a constantly evolving environment," said Felix Racca, founder and CTO of AuthenWare. "The ability to adapt and improve within this setting is imperative to the security of corporate data, the integrity of the Internet, and the security of digital identities.  When introducing AuthenWare 2.0, our team set out with a single goal: to improve the way users are authenticated, ensuring imposters masquerading as the valid user are unable to access private or corporate information. Our technology not only automatically detects and prevents fraudulent authentication attempts, but it renders stolen credentials useless."


AuthenWare 2.0's Updated Features

The AuthenWare security suite is focused on helping companies improve overall security, minimize computer fraud and theft, and reduce operational costs. Our new, updated version delivers the following major enhancements and innovations to assist companies in decreasing system and application vulnerability:


  • Multi-Dimensional Identity Validation - Coupled with observing each user's unique behavioral and environmental heuristics, AuthenWare 2.0 utilizes a series of highly calibrated algorithms that record and measure a user's keyboard typing pattern. With this data, the software creates the AuthenWare Singularity PatternTM, a secure, digital signature that is as unique as a person's DNA.


  • Keystroke Biometric Engine - Each time a user signs in, their login characteristics are compared to the AuthenWare Singularity Pattern, and, if they are deemed mathematically similar, the authorized user is granted access. An imposter who has obtained username, password or other authentication information, however, will be consistently denied access, as their pattern will not resemble that of the valid user.


  • Singularities - Humans do not live in a static environment. It is continually changing. To adapt to natural nuances in typing behavior, AuthenWare 2.0 incorporates a series of statistical singularities (elements that distinguish one person from another) into its username and password analysis. Rather than looking for an identical match, AuthenWare uses fuzzy logic to identify strong correlations in the hidden aspects of a user's typing rhythm, such as keyboard dwell and flight times.


- The Authentication Process Manager (APM), an Open Source module, acts as a proxy to centralize authentication business rules within AuthenWare, including end-user actions (e.g., which screen is displayed to the user if their keystroke pattern was denied) as well as server-side validations.  Additionally, APM provides administrators with a complete solution, offering the option to create and send one-time passwords through a specific channel (such as an SMS text) in the event of a failed biometric test.


  • Web Replay Attack Prevention - AuthenWare 2.0 includes the Web Replay Attack Prevention (WRAP) that generates a one-time JavaScript on an "as-needed" basis for web-based login applications. The AuthenWare WRAP server helps to avoid and thwart sophisticated browser replay attacks, one of the fastest growing digital security threats today.


  • Configurable Authentication Levels - Every company has different needs, and often even the applications within a single organization require a different level of security. AuthenWare 2.0 offers a customizable experience, allowing administrators to change the security policy based on myriad factors, including the user, transaction, application, and specific application function or system, among other aspects. It blocks man-in-the-middle/man-in-the-browser attacks as well as other cyber threats, and provides five levels of Crossover Error Rates (CER), including a completely tailorable False Acceptance Rate (FAR) and False Rejection Rate (FFR).


  • Mobile Device Support - AuthenWare 2.0 now expands its browser-based authentication support to mobile devices, including the iPhone's Safari, and the BlackBerry Browser.




What the market is saying about AuthenWare:


  • "E-government initiatives ensure convenience and access to constituents," said Francisco Caballero, Chief Security Officer at Mexico's Tax Administration Service (SAT). "While cybersecurity often threatens the implementation of such online programs, next-generation technologies such as AuthenWare fortify our security to provide unmatched online protection while ensuring convenience to our users."


  • "AuthenWare is the best behavioral biometric security solution to reinforce our application authentication processes," said Fernando Bosch, Director of Information Security & Fraud Prevention at Telefónica.


  • "We chose to resell AuthenWare because we found it to be simply the best non-intrusive keystroke biometrics solution on the market," said Marcos de Pedro, General Manager, at Neoris. "The product delivers unparalleled levels of security and is easy to implement, making it a very cost-effective for our customers."


  • "What's most impressive about AuthenWare is that it not only prevents security breaches, but that it also makes identity theft useless," said Pablo Ciano, CIO at DHL Express US.


  • "AuthenWare has emerged as a leader in Keystroke Biometrics security technology," said Ron Brittian, CEO and chairman at AuthenWare. "This latest version dramatically builds upon our vision to help companies around the world eradicate cyber theft and secure their systems."



About AuthenWare

AuthenWareTM Corporation is a leading provider of keystroke biometrics software. The Company's innovative authentication solution recognizes valid users through a unique personal security pattern coupled with behavioral and environmental characteristics. The solution lets authorized users in while keeping hackers out. AuthenWare is a global company headquartered in Miami, FL with offices around the world. Tens of millions of people use the Company's products every day in a variety of industries including financial services, government, transportation & logistics, manufacturing, telecommunications and retail. For more information, visit www.authenware.com.



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