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AuthenWare Technology Certified through International Biometric Group Testing


AuthenWare TechnologyTM Certified through International Biometric Group Testing


- AuthenWare's flagship product meets rigorous, independent evaluation criteria -


MIAMI - AuthenWareTM today announced that its AuthenWare TechnologyTM product was certified through International Biometric Group's (IBG) standards-compliant Comparative Biometric Testing. IBG evaluated the usability and accuracy of AuthenWare's breakthrough second-factor authentication solution, observing AuthenWare Technology's ease of enrollment, simplicity of use, and excellent precision.


AuthenWare Technology utilizes a combination of biometric security algorithms, known as "keystroke dynamics," as well as a series of other behavioral and environmental heuristics to create a unique personal security pattern for each user of a system or application.


"Keystroke dynamics reinforces existing authentication methods by layering a behavioral biometric over traditional usernames and passwords," said Samir Nanavati, a partner at IBG. "IBG's Comparative Biometric Testing provides performance and usability data for decision-makers interested in large-scale deployments." 


IBG's Comparative Biometric Testing process entails the testing, measurement and calculation of six standard metrics. AuthenWare Technology's results were as follows:


  • Failure to Enroll Rate. No users (0%) were denied enrollment.

  • Transactional Failure to Enroll Rate. No keystroke patterns (0%) were left uncaptured.

  • Median Enrollment Transaction Duration. It took the test subjects less than 80 seconds to enroll in the system.

  • Median Recognition Attempt Duration. After a user's first visit, it required less than 11 seconds to log into an AuthenWare Technology-protected program.

  • Transactional False Match Rate. Less than 3.3 percent of unauthorized attempts (i.e., hackers) were granted access to an AuthenWare Technology-protected account. It is important to note the hackers were given the correct usernames and passwords. In the real world, each username and password would remain secret.

  • Transactional False Non-Match Rate. Less than 3.2 percent of authorized attempts to log into the AuthenWare Technology system were denied access.


"It is a great sense of accomplishment to earn certification through International Biometric Group's testing," said Tom Helou, president and COO of AuthenWare. "Every day, our government, corporate, and personal networks face World War 2.0 - whether we as users are aware of it or not. It doesn't matter if it is our bank account information or the nation's security secrets, these records must be protected. AuthenWare is privileged to be a part of securing digitized data, and we are both honored and grateful to receive this recognition from IBG."


For a report summarizing IBG's certification results of AuthenWare Technology, as well as its testing methodology, please click here.


About AuthenWareTM

AuthenWareTM Corporation is a leading provider of keystroke biometrics software. The Company's innovative authentication solution, AuthenWare Technology, recognizes valid users through a unique personal security pattern coupled with behavioral and environmental characteristics. The solution lets authorized users in while keeping hackers out. AuthenWare is a global company headquartered in Miami, FL with offices around the world. Tens of millions of people use the Company's products every day in a variety of industries including financial services, government, transportation & logistics, manufacturing, telecommunications and retail. For more information or to request a demo, please visit our website at www.authenware.com.





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