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State of the Union Should Consider the State of Cyberspace

Cyberspace's domain is exponentially expanding, yet the adoption of proper security measures is slow, says Authenware chief


MIAMI, FL - Tom Helou, President and COO of Authenware, today released the following statement in light of President Obama's State of the Union address this evening:


"Once a rare luxury, cyberspace has become a necessary tool for 21st century commerce and communication.  With Internet connectivity, a small Main Street business can open its doors to global trade, and soldiers in Baghdad can talk with their families in Boston or Birmingham, seeing, reacting and speaking in real time. 


"Furthermore, the Internet has granted a voice where freedom is suppressed.  Where tyrants may seek to oppress, the global network creates a safe haven for communication.  Its tools have opened the doors for education and commerce.  And its capabilities have prompted us to think in a new, virtual dimension.


"Tonight, we will arrive at a defining moment in cybersecurity policy.  From the bottom line to the front line, America's networks require stronger security.  President Obama has taken critical steps forward to redefine the nation's online security apparatus with the appointment of a cybersecurity czar.  Still, motivation must be maintained and the policy discussion continued in the wake of this evening's State of the Union.  In order to ensure the freedoms and opportunities available in cyberspace, it is necessary the upcoming legislative debates incorporate 21st century best practices into federal policy structures."


About Authenware

Authenware Corporation is a leading provider of keystroke biometrics software. The Company's innovative authentication solution, AuthenWare Technology®, recognizes valid users through a unique personal security pattern coupled with behavioral and environmental characteristics. The solution lets authorized users in while keeping hackers out. Authenware is a global company headquartered in Miami, FL with offices around the world. Tens of millions of people use the Company's products every day in a variety of industries including financial services, government, transportation & logistics, manufacturing and retail.


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