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In the News

Authenware Joins OpenID Foundation

Biometric software developer partners with industry leaders in the pursuit of secure identities and privacy protection


MIAMI - Authenware today announced its membership in the OpenID Foundation - an industry organization aimed at protecting identities and intellectual property through the bolstering online security.  Through its membership, Authenware becomes part of a community of IT powerhouses that seeks to collectively build awareness of the emerging digital security pandemic.


"The exploitation of security vulnerabilities creates a major obstacle for the expansion of the Internet as a trusted vehicle for communication and commerce," said Tom Helou, president of Authenware.  "For such a reason, we sought membership within the OpenID Foundation and are proud to partner with a broad spectrum of online leaders who share our values of security, privacy and strong identification."


Founded in June 2007, the OpenID Foundation was established to help promote, protect and enable digital transactions as well as foster viral growth and global participation in the expansion of online security infrastructures.  As a member of the Foundation, Authenware joins industry leaders such as Facebook, Google, IBM, Microsoft, PayPal, VeriSign, Yahoo!, and Booz Allen Hamilton, among others.


For more information, please visit http://openid.net.


About Authenware

Authenware Corporation is a leading provider of keystroke biometrics software. The Company's innovative authentication solution, AuthenWare Technology®, recognizes valid users through a unique personal security pattern coupled with behavioral and environmental characteristics. The solution lets authorized users in while keeping hackers out. Authenware is a global company headquartered in Miami, FL with offices around the world. Tens of millions of people use the Company's products every day in a variety of industries including financial services, government, transportation & logistics, manufacturing and retail. Please visit our website at www.authenware.com.



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