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In the News

Authenware™ Applauds DHS Secretary’s Endorsement of Stronger Passwords in Cybersecurity Month Address

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano's remarks highlight the need for comprehensive cybersecurity solutions


WASHINGTON, DC - Tom Helou, President and COO of Authenware™, today released the below statement applauding the recommendations of Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano in her Cybersecurity Month webinar. The Secretary highlighted the need for more secure passwords as a top tool for cyberspace safety.


"Cybersecurity is not a cyber-exclusive issue.  Instead, it is the highway on which commerce, news, and more travel each day, streamlining our lives and connecting our world.  This year, the United States has endured the most significant cyberattacks in its history.  And with growing reliance on network capabilities, the issues raised during National Cybersecurity Awareness Month become evermore critical to our wired way of life.


"Today, Secretary Napolitano addressed America's newest battlefront - cyberspace - and the administration's grassroots plan where each and every citizen becomes an integral part of the solution.  Authenware applauds Secretary Napolitano for endorsing the tactics outlined today which highlighted stronger passwords as a crucial element of network security.  However, at Authenware, we believe security must be redefined for passwords to be truly strengthened.  Implementing password evaluation systems that go beyond the observation of letters, numbers and symbols, we gauge online access through the calibrated analysis of innate typing patterns."


About Authenware

Headquartered in Miami, Authenware is a leading innovator of keystroke biometrics software.  Its identity authentication product, AuthenWare Technology, recognizes valid users by calculating the unique rhythm and beat with which the typist keys in data (i.e. their username and password) on their computer keyboard.  AuthenWare Technology evaluates this information along with behavioral and environmental characteristics to keep hackers out and let authorized personnel in.  For more information or to request a demo, please visit our website at www.authenware.com.

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