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Authenwareâ„¢ Certifies Authentication For Microsoft

AuthenWare Technology™ is a second-factor authentication system that detects if a login is being attempted by the rightful user


MIAMI, FL " Authenware, a leader in keystroke biometric software, today announced that it has released an effective, consumer-friendly version of AuthenWare Technology that is certified to protect Microsoft Windows applications and domains. AuthenWare Technology is a second-factor authentication system that detects if a login is being attempted by the rightful user based upon the particular 'way' that person types, rather than 'what' the person types.


"The physical world has been transplanted into cyberspace," said Tom Helou, president of Authenware. "Large filing cabinets have been replaced with a small icon on our desktops and face-to-face conversations are often exchanged for a series of Tweets, chats, and wall posts. The innovations of companies such as Microsoft have transformed the way humans interact and businesses operate. And while these advancements have improved our lives in many ways, they have also opened a Pandora's box in terms of security issues. Companies look to us to provide them with an additional layer of protection for their clients and consumers who interact with Microsoft systems."


AuthenWare Technology's effectiveness on Microsoft platforms is due to the biometric software's implementation of a three-tiered architecture: presentation, business logic, and server data protection " all configured to address the needs of Windows users. Employing a highly sophisticated algorithm as the foundation, AuthenWare Technology monitors a series of user logins to develop a unique personal biometric pattern for the user.


Specifically, the AuthenWare Technology software offers simple end-user registration, effective troubleshooting, and efficient training requirements as well as successful elimination of all known man-in-the-middle hacking attempts. With a menu of options to configure the right features for each application, AuthenWare Technology allows administrators to determine the level of security at any access point. Further, the software is implemented on a black-box server stored behind the inner firewall, providing SOA Web services for training, authentication and administration of biometric patterns, as well as SQL access to log data.


About Authenware Headquartered in Miami, Authenware is a leading innovator of keystroke biometrics software. Its identity authentication product, AuthenWare Technology, recognizes valid users by calculating the unique rhythm and beat with which the typist keys in data (i.e. their username and password) on their computer keyboard. AuthenWare Technology evaluates this information along with behavioral and environmental characteristics to keep hackers out and let authorized personnel in. The company provides its security product and services to customers spanning international borders and business sectors, across a wide variety of industries such as financial services, government, transportation and logistics, manufacturing, and retail.


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