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In the News

Authenwareâ„¢ expands international reach with appointment of new partner, Eurosel

New Implementation Partner to Deliver AuthenWare Technology™ in Italy


Miami FL, November 24, 2008 – Authenware Corporation, the world’s leading provider of keystroke biometrics, and Eurosel today announced that Eurosel has become a Reseller and Implementation Partner to deliver the award winning AuthenWare Technology® Software Platform to clients in Italy.


“We are excited to be working with Authenware’s leading Keystroke Biometric product to support the Security needs of our diverse client base, said Walter Marmo, CEO at Eurosel. With this partnership, Eurosel can help customers improve security on a very innovative way and without the need of any additional hardware.”


Eurosel provides customers with consulting and systems implementation expertise to assist with their overall company improvement strategy. The use of best practices in technology projects and our implementation methodologies are combined with our knowledge of AuthenWare Technology®. The result is that companies receive enhanced quality of service to customers and users, maximum levels of security at low costs.


AuthenWare Technology® is an identity protection service that is based on “what the user knows” and “how the user behaves” (a behavioral biometric) significantly reducing the risk of identity theft without the need for any additional hardware.

We are excited about the partnership with Eurosel in support of Authenware’s expansion across Europe,” said Tom Helou, president & COO, Authenware. “They considered a number of solutions, and ultimately chose AuthenWare Technology® as their Keystroke Biometric of choice due to its ease-of-use, scalability , SOA nature, adherence to standards and its ability to deliver immediate ROI to their customers.”


About Authenware


Authenware is the world’s leading provider of keystroke biometrics. Keystroke Biometrics lets organizations get the highest security levels to enterprise applications, the web, and any form of transaction that engages a software artifact.


Our product AuthenWare Technology® creates and maintains a personal pattern for each user (equivalent to recognizing the calligraphy and conduct of the user) each time that the user enters data using the keyboard (for example user name and password). Therefore in the case somebody else knew the user name and password and tried to use it to log in to a site or system, AuthenWare Technology® would attempt to match the behavior of the violator to the genuine user’s pattern and log in would be denied in spite of “knowing” the correct inputs.

The personal pattern is formed by the peculiar typing rhythm that each person adopts when typing the same thing over and over (i.e. user name and password) plus behavior variables plus environment variables.

For more information visit www.authenware.com


About Eurosel


Eurosel is a Software Product Distributor whose mission is to combine the offer of new emerging software technologies in the international markets with the companies demand of solutions to requir

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