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In the News

Identity theft tops security fears

Identity theft is the nation's greatest safety fear, according to a survey.


It was named as the top concern by 43% of adults in the research from American Express Insurance Services, knocking yob culture into second place with 41%.


Small business owners and young adults are particularly worried about having their identities stolen.

Anxiety about the crime has nearly doubled since this time last year, when just 22% ranked it as their number one fear.


Burglary is still a significant security fear, with more than one in three adults naming it as their top concern.

Vandalism is also a perceived threat, with respondents more anxious about their cars being attacked than their homes or neighbourhoods.


Alcohol-related crime is the biggest faller, named by 25% of the 2,681 adults who took part, compared with 35% in 2007.


Losses from identity fraud mount up to more than £1.7 billion a year, according to the Home Office.

Barclays chairman Marcus Agius is one of the most high-profile victims. A conman withdrew £10,000 from his bank in January this year, after duping call centre staff at Barclaycard into issuing a credit card in Mr Agius' name.

Chris Rolland, head of American Express Insurance Services, said: "As fast-paced working life drives more people to rely on technology in the way they manage their lives, so the safety landscape is changing and ID theft is becoming a bigger issue year on year."


Source: http://money.aol.co.uk/money-news/identity-theft-tops-security-fears/article/20080710190634046552317

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