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In the News

Authenwareâ„¢ strengthens International focus with appointment of Tom Helou to President

New Role Emphasizes Strategic Value of Keystroke Biometrics

Miami FL, August 1, 2008 – Authenware Corporation, the world’s leading provider of keystroke biometrics, today announced that it has named Tom Helou to the position of President and Chief Operating Officer.

Authenware has been present in America since 2006, and opened a Laboratory for the development of Software in Mendoza, Argentina in 2007.

The appointment of Helou signifies the company’s strengthened focus on the International Markets as the adoption of keystroke biometrics as a strategic asset continues to increase in the world.

Mr. Helou brings to Authenware 19 years of experience on the High Tech Industry and a proven track record for success on the International Markets and the US.

Prior to joining Authenware Mr. Helou was with Fuego Inc, as VP of International Sales since April 2003. On March 1, 2006 BEA Systems acquired Fuego Inc. At BEA Mr. Helou was in charge of Sales for the Business Interaction Division, the fastest growing unit for BEA on 2007 and 2008. On April 29, 2008 Oracle completed the acquisition of BEA.

“We are very pleased to have Tom Helou join Authenware, and the opportunity we have to expand our presence not only in the US but also Europe, Asia and Africa,” said Ron Brittian, CEO for Authenware Corporation. “Helou’s leadership and experience in building successful operations around the globe will help us achieve our goal of making keystroke dynamics a key strategic initiative for improving security world wide”

“I am excited to join Authenware, the market leader in keystroke biometrics,” said Tom Helou, President & COO, at Authenware. “It is a wonderful opportunity – Authenware is a company with great momentum and vision, Corporations and Organizations are are now ready to take security to next level. I look forward to building a winning team for Authenware.”

About Authenware

Authenware is the world’s leading provider of keystroke biometrics. Keystroke Dynamics lets organizations get the highest security levels to enterprise applications, the web, and any form of transaction that engages a software artifact.

Our product AuthenWare Technology® is an identity protection service that is based on “what the user knows” and “how the user behaves” (a behavioral biometric) significantly reducing the risk of identity theft without the need for any additional hardware.

AuthenWare Technology® creates and maintains a personal pattern for each user (equivalent to recognizing the calligraphy and conduct of the user) each time that the user enters data using the keyboard (for example user name and password). Therefore in the case somebody else knew the user name and password and tried to use it to log in to a site or system, AuthenWare Technology® would attempt to match the behavior of the violator to the genuine user’s pattern and log in would be denied in spite of “knowing” the correct inputs.

The personal pattern is formed by the peculiar typing rhythm that each person adopts when typing the same thing over and over (i.e. user name and password) plus behavior variables plus environment variables.

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