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This Resource Center provides a complete set of materials for getting up to speed on keystroke biometrics and AuthenWare©’s unique value proposition, as well as getting started with your own security evaluation. The materials provide helpful insight from AuthenWare©, as well as our customers, partners and industry analysts.

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Whether you are learning about security solutions for the first time, are investigating specific solutions or are just interested in hearing how other companies have been successful, the Download section has something for you!
Product Data Sheet
Rhythm of Security
Financial Services - North America Solution Brief
Financial Services - Europe Solution Brief
AuthenWare for Juniper Datasheet
AuthenWare for Citrix Product Datasheet
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IBG Certification Report on AuthenWare Security
Detecting and Preventing Web Fraud
AuthenWare Technology Whitepaper - an Overview
Internet Identity Theft - A Tragedy for Victims
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