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AuthenWare™ Product Options

AuthenWare is available in the following configurations to provide all types of organizations with the most in security solutions:

AuthenWare Fast Track Program™

Enroll in Fast Track today to begin detecting Fraud immediately!

Designed to test our product for free so that you can see the results yourself. Enrollment and monitoring will be completely transparent to your Users. User’s login normally and authentication happens seamlessly in the background. AuthenWare is based on behavioral biometrics and is software only.

"For the Fast Track Program, Users will be monitored only and will not be denied access."

AuthenWare Intranet™
Designed for use on a company’s internal network to prevent Identity Theft and Identity Sharing within their organizations walls. Protects against unauthorized access or disgruntled usage of company/personal data.

AuthenWare Portals
Designed for use with a company’s e-commerce and e-banking sites to avoid identity, credit card, e-payment, and many other types of web fraud that are so frequently encountered in today’s society.

AuthenWare OEM
Designed to be used by application software and software-as-a-service and platform-as-a-service (SaaS/PaaS) vendors to ensure compliance with user policies, regulatory mandates and other uses of their software. An added benefit of AuthenWare OEM is that it can help vendors to avoid revenue leakage due to unauthorized user and password sharing.

AuthenWare for Consumers : My AuthenWare

MyAuthenWare®   is an end-user Cloud-based and biometrically secured  Authentication Portal, that allows every registered consumer to remember a single set of credentials for login to all of their websites. Consumers can also store private files and notes.

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