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In the News

BBVA Selects Neoris and AuthenWare to Authenticate the Internal Communications Accounts of Its Employees

"AuthenWare is part of our cyberbiometric architecture and acts as a mechanism for generating identity scoring. It allows us to have an additional element in the online risk decision making process of our employees," said Santiago Moral, Technical and Security Director of BBVA.


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Beat hackers with biometric tapping security for mobile

by Stanley Goodner


AuthenWare users register their mobile devices and set up the tapping validation. This method of biometric security ends up being ultra secure. In order to gain unauthorized access to your account, a hacker would have to acquire your device, guess your...

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Target Investigates Breach Involving Credit Card Data

Target confirmed Thursday morning that data was stolen from 40 million shoppers.

Cybercriminals appear to have focused on the point-of-sale systems in Target’s retail stores, which collect information from customers’ credit and debit cards, and potentially  ...

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Financial Institution Call Centers Targeted By Social Engineers

One in every 2,500 phone calls to a financial institution call center is a fraud, and each phone fraud call incurs a loss of 57 cents, the report by Pindrop Security says. "We're seeing fraudsters stepping up their games, calling these call centers so well-prepared, and going after accounts...

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2 Million Stolen Facebook, Yahoo And Google Passwords Posted Online

More than 2 million passwords for sites including Facebook, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google have been stolen and posted online antibiotics, BCC reports.

The "ethical hackers" at security firm Trustwave's SpiderLabs blog 

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Biometrics and Mobile Payments Security


There is a growing shift towards the use of biometrics to support both login and transaction verification, this is occurring for number of reasons: -- New capabilities in modern devices -- Increasing sophistication of Biometric technology -- Broad distribution.

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Biometric Technology Takes Off
Once so expensive that it was used only by the military or high-tech companies, biometric technology has become so commonplace...
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iPhone Fingerprint Scanner Raises


"If someone hacks your password, you can change it - as many times as you want," Franken, a Democrat from Minnesota, said in a letter sent Thursday to Apple CEO Tim Cook. "You can't...

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Apple Confirms That Its Dev Center Has Been Breached By Hackers

Apple detected a security breach on its Dev Center servers on Thursday. While most of the information on the servers was encrypted and Apple claims it's safe, they do say that the hacker(s) may have accessed developer's names, addresses, and email addresses.

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Getting the Customer Involved in Fraud Prevention

"Fraud prevention could become a competitive advantage for institutions moving forward, as Infosys' survey found that 83% of the respondents said they would switch banks if they were offered assurances regarding the safety of their money and data. Fighting fraud isn't ...

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FBI Gave 40 Bankers Classified Cyberattack Briefings: Official

American BankerIntraday Bulletin

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


From the Editors

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iCloud: Apple two-step protection won’t protect your data


If you think your pictures, contacts, and other data are protected by the two-step verification protection Apple added to its iCloud service in March, think again....

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Evernote Hacked: All 50 Million Users' Passwords Reset


LONDON -- Online note-taking service Evernote Corp. says it has been hacked and is resetting all its 50 million users' passwords as a precaution.

The Redwood City, California-based company said in a post published late Saturday that an attacker had been able to access sensitive...

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Is Identity The New Perimeter

Network controls can't scale with cloud and mobile, so CISOs are using IAM as the new lever for security control around corporate access. As the collective strain of BYOD and ad-hoc, cloud-delivered IT dissolves the last vestiges the network-based zone defense mentality...

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AuthenWare Wins "Leader in Innovation Award"

AuthenWare brings home the top award at The Financial Services Technology Summit

AuthenWare®, the leading vendor of Behavioral Biometrics wins the "Leader in Innovation" Award at the Financial Services Technology Summit 

for its innovative biometric...

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Your Password Isn’t Safe: 90% Are Vulnerable to Hacking

Think you've got a clever, un-hackable password?

You might want to tack on a few numbers to it. Global consulting firm Deloitte


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RSA finds phishing led to $687m in worldwide loses

Through the end of June 2012, the monthly average for attacks was 32,581, amounting to more than $687 million in worldwide losses. 
If an email account is hosted by Gmail, and someone can phish those credentials, they can probably reset passwords for other accounts,...
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Cybercrime Attacks, Costs Escalating


Successful attacks against U.S. businesses have increased by 42% since last year, with individual businesses being hit with an average of two attacks per week, says study from Ponemon Institute and HP.

By Mathew...

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Airport VPN Targeted By Citadel Trojan

Attackers target international airport's employees for their credentials to internal applications

Aug 14, 2012 | 06:10 PM | 

By Kelly Jackson Higgins
Dark Reading

A popular misconception...

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AuthenWare is about to Revolutionize Security in the Cloud


"One secure single set of credentials for all of your websites and files"


Miami, FL - August 1, 2012 - AuthenWare® ,  the leading ...

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GAO scolds EPA for poor security

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) needs to clean up its security act, according to the investigative arm of Congress.

In a report released this week,...

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eBay security offensive leads to 3K arrests globally

The former CISO at online auction giant eBay said that a major security offensive at the company has cut fraud by 90 percent and led to 3,000 arrests globally.



Read more:

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IRS Missing Billions in ID Theft

By JOSH LEDERMAN | Associated Press - August 2, 2012

WASHINGTON (AP) - Investigators say the Internal Revenue Service may have delivered more than $5 billion in refund checks to identity thieves who filed fraudulent tax returns for 2011.



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SMB Cloud Security Spending to Continue Growth

Fahmida Y. Rashid

SC Magazine

June 20 2012



Security spending among small and midsize businesses (SMBs) is expected to grow over the next four years, especially in the area of cloud implementations.



In the soon-to-be-released...

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Yahoo Breach Extends Beyond Yahoo to Gmail, Hotmail, AOL Users


The New York Times

July 12, 2012, 12:42 pm,


SAN FRANCISCO - Another month, another major security...

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Online Classes See Cheating Go High-Tech

William Lounsbury for The Chronicle


"It's important that the research community improve perhaps as quickly as the cheating community is improving," says Neal Kingston, of the U. of Kansas, who organized a Conference on Statistical Detection of Potential Test Fraud.



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Interpol says organised gangs behind internet crime boom

By Steve Weizman (AFP) - May 8, 2012 


TEL AVIV - Interpol president Khoo Boon Hui said on Tuesday that organised international gangs are behind most internet scams and that cyber crime's estimated cost is more than that of cocaine, heroin and marijuana trafficking put together.



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Recent study shows explosive growth of Data Breaches in US

A recent study form GrowFL illustrated the severity of data breaches throughout the United States over the past 6 years. Unfortunately the problem is growing every day


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Keystroke dynamics secure computer access

Maybe you’re a hunt and peck typer. Or perhaps you zip around the keyboard but linger over certain keys…



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2Keys, AuthenWare form strategic partnership

AuthenWare has announced a reseller agreement with 2Keys Security Solutions, an information technology security company, allowing...

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Tech recognises typing patterns - ITWeb

Security company DRS has rolled out a biometric technology solution that renders stolen credentials as useless to cyber criminals. DRS recently signed a deal with AuthenWare to distribute its patented technology in the sub-Saharan region.






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Incidence Of Cybertheft Surpasses Incidence Of Physical Theft For The First Time

Fraud-related losses rose 20 percent to $1.7 billion in the past year, Kroll study says

By Tim Wilson



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Cybersecurity Keynote - FedTalks 2010

Gigi Schumm, Vice President of Symantec's Public Sector services, opened her talk to the crowd at FedTalks...

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The Difference Engine: Dubious security


THANKS to gangster movies, cop shows and spy thrillers, people have come to think of fingerprints and other biometric means of identifying evildoers as being completely foolproof.

In reality, they are not and never have been, and few engineers who design such screening tools ...

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String Of Deals Shows Demand for Cloud-Based Authentication

The authentication and identity management market for cloud-based architectures has experienced a recent acceleration in consolidation. 



Acquisitions highlight how authentication-as-a-service is now part of identity and access management strategies ...

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AuthenWare CEO Ron Brittian Named Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year® 2010 Award Finalist in Florida


May 18, 2010 -- AuthenWare Corporation today announced that its CEO Ron Brittian is a finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year® 2010 Award in Florida. According to Ernst & Young LLP, the awards program recognizes entrepreneurs who demonstrate extraordinary...

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YOU As a Password

Can a parallel be drawn between freedom to cross the Berlin Wall and the freedom to post on a Facebook wall? Can such borderless liberty be defined in a 140 character Twitter feed or does it require an updated Declaration of Independence? There's no question the proliferation of technology around...

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Google Buzz Gives Spammers a New Sweet Spot

Google's new Gmail-based social network, Buzz, is raising hackles among security experts who see it as fertile new ground for propagators of malware and spam. "In the industry's haste to create the next 'Big Thing' for users," said Authenware President Tom Helou, "what results is a one-stop-shop ...

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State of the Union Should Consider the State of Cyberspace

Cyberspace's domain is exponentially expanding, yet the adoption of proper security measures is slow, says Authenware chief


MIAMI, FL - Tom Helou, President and COO of Authenware, today released the following statement...

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Keystroke biometric company gains new CFO

Experienced financial practitioner takes on the role of Chief Financial Officer at Authenware™


Authenware™ has named Judy Mitchell Banks Chief Financial Officer. As a practiced financial advisor for fast-growth businesses, Banks will be responsible...

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Interview to Andre De Castro in the Oracle Open World. See the video!

Authenware™ was present at Oracle Open World. See the interview to Andre De Castro, Vice President of Pre-Sales and Professional Services

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Authenware™ Applauds DHS Secretary’s Endorsement of Stronger Passwords in Cybersecurity Month Address

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano's remarks highlight the need for comprehensive cybersecurity solutions


WASHINGTON, DC - Tom Helou, President and COO of Authenware™, today released...

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Authenware™ Endorses DHS-Sponsored National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

During this critical junction in cybersecurity, the nation must move from observation to action, says Authenware™ chief


MIAMI, FL - Tom Helou, President and COO of Authenware, today released the following statement...

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Meterán en cintura el robo de datos y de identidad tecnológica

El tema de la seguridad de datos en la Web es una de las mayores preocupaciones de los usuarios que al ingresar temen que su información personal y corporativa sea utilizada por otros.

Esta inquietud es una de las grandes apuestas de la tecnología para evitar que estos delitos...

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Comentarios que cuestan...

Cada vez más personas ingresan desde sus trabajos a sitios web 2.0, como Facebook y Twitter. La educación es la mejor manera para evitar fugas de información confidencial o fallas de seguridad.

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Ciberseguridad, preocupan los fraudes de identidad

Bogotá.  La semana pasada se declaró culpable uno de los tres hackers que perpetraron el mayor robo de identidad en EE.UU., al saquear información de las tarjetas bancarias de 130 millones de usuarios, evidenciando las debilidades de los sistemas de seguridad

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La información de su celular puede estar siendo conocida por otros

No solo mirando las conversaciones directamente del teléfono es posible enterarse de todo lo que se habla o la información que se comparte a través de los celulares, especialmente los de última tecnología.

Según el experto y conocedor en el tema...

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Latin America Needs Stronger Online Security

Today's innovation entrepreneurs in Latin America must create stronger online protection rather than a complicated façade of security.


In today's 21st century business climate, information is the currency that  ...

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Authenware™ Certifies Authentication For Microsoft

AuthenWare Technology™ is a second-factor authentication system that detects if a login is being attempted by the rightful user


MIAMI, FL " Authenware, a leader in keystroke biometric software, today announced that it has released an effective, consumer-friendly...

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Telefónica Ingeniería de Seguridad apuesta por la biometría de comportamiento para la verificación de identidad

Telefónica Ingeniería de Seguridad (TIS) confía en la plataforma AuthenWare Technology como sistema de verificación de identidad de personas (en el acceso a los sistemas) mediante el análisis de patrones de comportamiento en el tecleo de datos.



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Authenware™ expands into France

Authenware™, a Miami, Fla.-based biometrics developer, has announced that it has come to an agreement with JVL, a French reseller of data-security products, to gain distribution to France and other French speaking countries in Europe for their biometric keystroke software called AuthenWare ...

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WILLIAMS: The congressional carousel

"A company in Miami understands that Internet users don't need to leave the house when a criminal gets the key; they just need to change the lock. Passwords, usernames, key fobs and security questions rarely stop an online predator.


So the creators of AuthenWare Technology ...

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Authenware™ and co-founder Felix Racca profiled in New York Times

The December 26, 2008 issue of The New York Times profiles AuthenWare co-founder and CTO Felix Racca as part of the feature article "Fiscal Chaos Aside, Start-Ups Bloom in Argentina." The article features the story of Mr. Racca and other angel investors that are helping companies such as...

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Authenware™ expands international reach with appointment of new partner, CGC

New Implementation Partner to Deliver AuthenWare Technology™ in Costa Rica and Central America


Miami, Florida, December 4, 2008 –...

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Authenware™ expands international reach with appointment of new partner, Eurosel

New Implementation Partner to Deliver AuthenWare Technology™ in Italy


Miami FL, November 24, 2008 – Authenware ...

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Authenware™ strengthens International focus with appointment of Tom Helou to President

New Role Emphasizes Strategic Value of Keystroke Biometrics

Miami FL, August 1, 2008 – Authenware Corporation, the world’s leading provider of keystroke biometrics, today announced that it has named Tom Helou to the position of President and Chief Operating...

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