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AuthenWare's security capabilities are based on “natural” fuzzy logic, and it utilizes a number of unique and highly precise algorithms at its core. The result is one of the most robust security products available anywhere on the planet!

AuthenWare features include:

Keystroke Dynamics Engine
The AuthenWare algorithm, being within the biometrics category, allows companies to easily enact an additional layer of security by combining their usual identification mechanisms (entering an user ID and a password) with a new, highly secure authentication capability utilizing Keystroke Dynamics techniques. In AuthenWare, any number of fields can be tested for Keystroke Dynamics and they can be configured differently for each application within the company. This feature allows our users to test either the user name and password or any text field or passphrase that may be needed later on for higher security configurations. Each authentication test increases the system’s accuracy and, therefore, the user’s security.

Authentication Validation
AuthenWare does not replace your existing identification method(s). Instead, it acts as a multi-factor authentication and validation to verify if the correct user is entering their userid and password (or any other fields), by comparing the way that they typed them against a stored Singularity Pattern. It also compares a series of other user behavioral traits against that same pattern to further the accuracy tests of the user. In this way, AuthenWare does not actually prevent the theft of identity information, but rather, it just makes the usage of any stolen information entirely useless.

Singularity Comprehension
In addition to testing the users’ typing rhythm itself, the AuthenWare engine also detects “singularities”. A singularity is something generally considered unique or one of a kind. AuthenWare detects and understands singularities related to those specific characteristics of a person’s typing that are invariant (meaning that they have a deviation from the mean below a certain target). Our research has identified that interrogating these singularities helps to accurately identify a person’s “uniqueness” in much the same way as a birthmark or a mole. Singularity detection and comprehension distinguishes AuthenWare from many of its competitors by creating an additional level of trustworthiness for our customers.

Behavioral Heuristics
An additional capability of AuthenWare is its behavioral heuristics inference engine. AuthenWare utilizes this important engine to infer whether a person attempting to authenticate is the rightful user based on behaviors such as the use of the mouse, tab key, return key, preferred browser and browser version, preferred times of operation, number of mistakes they make, and many others behaviors. This robust level of sophistication helps AuthenWare to render useless any attempt to gain unauthorized access to a system or data even if the intruder is using accurate credentials.

Configurable Security and System Accuracy
AuthenWare allows the security administrator to configure default security at the company, application and individual user levels. The system automatically warns the administrator if a user setting is “less secure” than that of the application or company levels. Furthermore, AuthenWare supports the selection of select security levels per transaction, providing that it is a “more secure” option than any of the above.

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