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As a leading cybersecurity software provider, AuthenWare is focused on providing strong security to large enterprises, government organizations, small and medium-sized businesses and consumers alike. Our authentication technology is being used by tens of millions of people to minimize identity theft, web fraud and other system vulnerabilities every day.

Below are some companies from around the world, and what they are saying about AuthenWare's innovative technology and services:

Banking - Banco Pichincha
  "“This is a complete solution that prevents and detects fraud with strong indicators of effectiveness. Since the installation of the solution we have not had any theft, and therefore no loss of money due to this type of fraud, on the contrary our customers are satisfied and feel more supported, Authenware has strengthened the trust of our clients in the Electronic Banking. In practice the system works very well, and we are very pleased with the results."

Alexei Alcoser
Internet Channel Manager

Real Estate - Wasatch Front Regional MLS
  “We evaluated several keystroke dynamics solutions before selecting AuthenWare. The software helps us affordably protect against unauthorized access and stop password sharing without impacting our users.”

Rebecca Jensen
CEO and President

Government - Government of the City of Buenos Aires
  “We selected AuthenWare for three reasons: strong security without the use of hardware devices, system flexibility and user convenience. The software offers us a robust security solution that dramatically reduces the risk of identity theft and system breaches while providing high protection for our citizens and employees with no adoption impact.”

Jorge Linskens

Healthcare - Ministry of Health Spain
  "We are impressed with the accuracy of the AuthenWare software and how easy it has been for us to deploy."

Jesus Garcia Marcos

Telecommunications - Telefonica
  "AuthenWare Technology is the best behavioral biometric security solution that reinforces application authentication processes and provides additional mechanisms to monitor and analyze user behavior in accessing information systems."

Fernando Bosch
Director of Information Security & Fraud Prevention

Taxation & Payments - SAT
  "The AuthenWare technology is providing strong security, convenience and unmatched online protection for our users - and we expect it to do so for generations to come.”

Francisco Caballero
Chief Security Officer

Banking - Banco Pichincha
  "We are excited to be using AuthenWare in our security portfolio. Their unique measurement of online behavior and keystroke patterns fortifies security while maintaining a user-friendly portal.”

Fernando Pozo

Media - Televisa
  "The media conglomerate is using AuthenWare as a second-factor authentication layer for protecting access to its corporate and consumer data."

Logistics - BACTSSA - HPH Group
  "We were very impressed with the accuracy and simplicity of AuthenWare when compare with other User Authentication technologies"

Pedro Maidana

Real Estate - Greater Montréal Real Estate Board
  "We evaluated several security vendors and selected AuthenWare for its friction-less adoption, high security, and multi-device recognition capabilities"

Éric Charbonneau

Banking - UniCredit
UniCredit   “At UniCredit Innovation and Customer Service is part of our Culture, part of our DNA. We constantly monitor new and better ways to provide service and protect the assets of our internal and external customers. Security is a key component of our portfolio; to that extent we are excited to add keystroke dynamics to our security framework and welcome AuthenWare to our Suppliers ecosystem”

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