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In the News

Authenwareâ„¢ Names New Chief Financial Officer

Judy Mitchell Banks to lead Authenware™’s financial team


MIAMI – Authenware™, a leader in keystroke dynamic software, today named Judy Mitchell Banks Chief Financial Officer.  As a practiced financial advisor for fast-growth businesses, Banks will be responsible for the expanding company’s strategic planning and corporate finance initiatives.


“On behalf of our entire team at Authenware, I would like to welcome Judy to our organization,” said Tom Helou, President of Authenware.  “With a long history of establishing responsible practices and implementing smart financial models into the archetypes of growing companies, I have full confidence Judy will create a successful dynamic for Authenware.  We are looking forward to her application of expertise and her principled leadership for our organization.”


Banks comes to Authenware with over 20 years of knowledge in enterprise accounting.  For nearly a decade, she constructed, grew, and maintained the bottom line of Banta Integrated Media – a top subsidiary of Banta, Corp.’s $1.6 billion enterprise.  During her tenure, Banks continually advocated smart investments to create calculated and sustainable growth. 


Most recently, Banks offered top-level budgetary counsel to a collection of small and medium-sized businesses through The Brighton Company, netting large growth margins through calibrated financial projections and the creation and implementation of strategic monetary models.


“It is an honor to join Authenware’s management team,” said Banks.  “Simply put, the axis of my career has been to find a means to secure and grow the bottom line of our nation’s job creators – small and medium-sized businesses. Certainly, growth does not transpire without calibrated risks and disciplined commitment.  Further, expansion cannot occur without a meaningful and demanded product – an element Authenware undoubtedly has developed.  I am excited to begin my work to instill a highly-attuned financial model into Authenware’s corporate infrastructure.”


About Authenware

Headquartered in Miami, Authenware is a leading innovator of keystroke biometrics software.  Its identity authentication product, AuthenWare Technology, recognizes valid users by calculating the unique rhythm and beat with which the typist keys in data (i.e. their username and password) on their computer keyboard.  AuthenWare Technology evaluates this information along with behavioral and environmental characteristics to keep hackers out and let authorized personnel in.  The company services customers that span across international borders and business sectors, effectively providing security to industries such as financial services, government, transportation and logistics, manufacturing, and retail. 

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