Behavioral Biometrics - the Future of Online Authentication
  Shore up your passwords today!
AuthenWare delivers the highest level of security based on behavioral biometrics.
AuthenWare is software only, no tokens, no scanners - user authentication is easy, cost-effective and reliable!
  AuthenWare is revolutionizing Security in the Cloud with Cool ID™
    • 1 biometrically secure, simple password that will login to most websites.
    • Security for people, not people for security.
Natural security for GOOGLE Apps!
Natural security for GOOGLE Apps!
How this natural security works?
How this natural security works?
News & Events
September 24th - 2013 - Apple's fingerprint is hacked
September 20th - 2013 - iPhone Fingerprint Scanner Raises
September 20th - 2013 - Biometric Technology Takes Off

Tune Tapping
Watch the Tune Tapping video!

Cool Vendor 2011
Cool Vendors in Identity and Access Management, 2011
By Ray Wagner, John Girard, Gregg Kreizman, Ant Allan, Earl Perkins, Perry Carpenter
Leader in Innovation - GOLD
  • Financial Services Technology Summit 
Innovative Technology - GOLD
  • Gold winner in Identity & Access Management Category
  • CESSI  
Innovative Technology - GOLD
  • Gold winner across all categories
  • CESSI 
Innovative Technology – Finalist
  • American Technology Awards 
Cool Technology – Finalist
  • South Florida Technology Alliance 
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